Monday, January 24, 2011

Competition Dance

Suz Competition Dance Teams are for dancers in grades 6-12 and provide another opportunity to learn kick,  jazz, and hip hop routines for additional experience in performances and competitions.   Dancers tryout in the spring and their scores determine which of the three teams they will be a member of at Suz Studio:  Elite, Starz, or Starletz.

Scoring is based on how well each dancer exhibits technique in leaps, turns, and kicks and also on memory and ability to learn a short routine.  Dancers are also scored on the energy level, performance projection, and their attitude and effort they put into the tryout.

Kick technique includes execution of kicks and technical skills, such as flexibility and extension of legs and feet, proper placement and control of kicks with alignment of upper body and strength of movement.  Also important is that each dancer be able to maintain timing with music and ability to gauge and position themselves in correct distance from other dancers in all formations throughout a routine.

Jazz technique requires an ability to evoke feeling from an audience through use of energy, showmanship, and genuine expression of emotion.  Creativity and musicality exhibited by each dancer requires the ability to execute intricate and challenging movements such as pirouettes, leaps, and jumps.  Movements throughout the routine must be seamless and synchronized with timing and music cues by the entire team, creating the illusion of dancing as one.

Hip Hop performances need attitude and energy in facial expressions and attacking each movement full out.  Technique and skills in hip hop includes jumps, stalls, and floor work with level changes and athleticism.  The uniformity of movement throughout a routine compliments the  beats and rhythms of the music.  Precise arm placement, upper and lower body strength are key elements for each team member to perform the high energy skills of hip hop.

Competition dance is an exciting and positive activity for dancers to participate in that creates not only an increased level of technical skills, but also self confidence and poise that each dancer develops and benefits from, both on and off stage!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suz Dance Studio Barnesville, MN

Suz Competition Dance Team 2010 - 2011 ( Kletsch Photography)
Suz Dance Studio in Barnesville, MN offers dance classes for girls and boys, ages 4 years old through seniors in high school.  Classes run September through March with performances at our Winter Dance Show, basketball half-times, Barnesville’s Business Showcase, and a Spring Recital.

Pre-K through 2nd grade dance classes begin with the basics of ballet and tap where they learn to count steps and listen to the rhythms in the music.

Dancers are introduced to jazz, kick, and hip hop in 3rd through 5th grades.

 Dancers in 6th-12th grades also have the opportunity to try out for Suz Dance Competition Teams. Suz Studio has three teams:  The Elite, the Starz, and the Starletz. 

Dancers on these teams get additional practice times and performance experience by competing at area dance invitational’s in Hip Hop, Jazz, and Kick.

Competition dancers also learn the importance of fund-raising, responsibility and commitment to the other members on their team.

In August, the team dancers also host and teach a summer dance camp for younger dancers, with a performance at Barnesville’s Potato Days Festival.

Dancers not only learn routines for performances, but they learn technical skills and gain self-confidence that shows both on and off the stage.  Suz Dance Studio Barnesville MN provides a positive learning atmosphere and is an excellent form of exercise that’s fun and creative!

For more information on dance classes
Suz Dance Studio can be reached at  (218)354-2757